Specialized Services

Acoustical Control, LLC designs sound control and noise abatement solutions to meet your project requirements. Whether your project needs to comply with city noise ordinances in a residential neighborhood or urban area, we offer complete turnkey service, from sound analysis, design and engineering, and construction, until your project is finished. We can do it all!

You can rely on Acoustical Control, LLC for honest, safe, and specialized services. We currently service customers throughout the U.S. with most of our business coming from Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Over the past two years we have also completed jobs in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, California, North Dakota, Kansas and New Jersey. Our customers consist of midstream companies, exploration & production, oil field service companies, and industrial and manufacturing.
Here are just a few of the customized services that we provide for our customers:

  1. Site inspections
  2. Sound readings
  3. Design
    a. Sound – If a customer has a specific dB goal, we can provide a sound survey with data highlighting the specific ways to achieve the desired dB goal. Contact us with specific questions about your next project and its requirements.
    b. Ventilation – Compressors are made to run outside, so when you put have to put one in a building, problems are created. The largest problem is overheating which causes the compressor to shut down. We can design ventilation systems specific to our customer’s needs. If you need a ventilation system to provide a specific amount of air exchanges per hour, we can accomplish that. If you need to design a ventilation system to a specified heat rise, we can accomplish this as well. To learn more about our ventilation solutions, contact us today.
  4. Engineering
    a. We have in house engineering that works with our customers and suppliers to insure all aspects of the design and engineering phase is covered. In addition, we have relationships with several outside engineers specializing in specific fields, such as ventilation, structural, and acoustical, to assist with our diverse array of projects.
  5. Installation and construction with Acoustical Control, LLC employees who have completed comprehensive safety and job site training.

When you work with Acoustical Control, LLC, you receive our high quality benefits which include:

  • Professionally engineered for airflow, sound control and noise abatement, and wind loads specific to each location
  • Complete design and build contractor
  • Industry leading DBA reduction with buildings and wall systems
  • Member of ISNet
  • Free quotes so call us today at #817-551-6050

Acoustical Control has the ability to design and construct compressor buildings from pre manufactured metal buildings, to buildings constructed of acoustical panels, to walls that are designed and fabricated in house.

To learn how Acoustical Control, LLC can assist you in your next project, please contact us today.