Permanent Wall System

When it comes to permanent structures for the midstream projects, we have by far more knowledge, experience, and options than our competitors. Permanent acoustical walls can often be constructed around compressors to meet local codes, while not fully enclosing the compressor with a building.

Like our compressor buildings, we have a wide variety of options to choose from that can be engineered and designed to your specific needs. We have the ability to construct walls from pre-manufactured acoustical panels for the most stringent acoustical requirements, as well as permanent walls constructed out of standard metal building material. If aesthetics is the priority, we also have options for that as well! Our permanent walls can be customized with several color options and can even include masonry work if needed. In addition, we are capable of adding personnel doors, service doors, and ventilation systems to our permanent wall systems if the compressor coolers require airflow through the wall.

Take a look at some of our projects in our gallery which illustrate our ability to meet strict city and county ordinances located in rural areas where being a good neighbor is a top priority.