Expertise With A Turn-Key Approach

Acoustical Control, LLC specializes in sound abatement in the oil and gas industry. For over 15 years, our company has been serving small businesses to large nationwide operations across the United States. With the technology we have to offer, we can ease the tension caused by noise issues in sound sensitive areas, allowing the oil and gas industry to be good neighbors within their communities. Our staff brings decades of real world oil and gas experience to the sound control business. Acoustical Control, LLC has taken our combined expertise and created a specialized turn-key approach to better serve our customers.

With an established approach to noise mitigation, Acoustical Control, LLC sells and constructs permanent walls and buildings as well as rents temporary walls. We perform site inspections, sound readings, create designs to include sound & ventilation, complete assessments with our in-house engineer, as well as perform installation and construction with our own employees. We can do it all!

For every job our employees perform, safety is a top priority. With a comprehensive safety program in place and through continuous improvement, we work to create and maintain a zero accident culture. We do not compromise safety, the environment or the health of our employees to gain a business advantage. We belong to ISNetworld and PEC Safety to assure our customers that we are in compliance with their safety, quality and insurance requirements.

With our safe and specialized approach, Acoustical Control, LLC is qualified at meeting strict city and county mandates. With our diverse and experienced staff, we are able to effectively meet noise mitigation standards not only in environmentally sensitive areas but amongst heavily populated residential areas. To learn more about our Services, please contact Acoustical Control, LLC today to get your next project started!

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