Compressor Building

Compressor buildings can be constructed from pre-engineered metal buildings that can either be acoustically insulated or non-insulated or they can be constructed from pre-engineered acoustical panels.  From single compressors to multiple compressor sets, we have compressor sound control solutions that are attractive and effective — guaranteed!

Our prefabricated buildings are assembled very quickly onsite, bolting together in modular sections so downtime is minimal.  These compressor noise control buildings are truly quiet—don’t be fooled by look-a-likes! We engineer each building to specifically address the noise issues and the surrounding environment to make sound control that REALLY works. It is as close to soundproof or noise proof as possible. Equipment airflow requirements are precisely designed into each structure to make sure equipment cooling is effective along with the sound abatement.

Ambient noise levels along with a full band noise analysis are used to design the structure to best control the noise, and to meet the sound requirements. Our careful design and implementation ensures a solution to noise issues the first time — guaranteed!

Browse some of our recent projects utilizing our Compressor Buildings in our gallery.