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Industrial Noise Control

Industrial sites come with a wealth of noise. Between the work being done and the equipment being used, there are guaranteed high noise levels. Acoustical Control has options to not only reduce these levels for employees’ and workers’ safety and well-being, but also to maintain industrial noise within the realm of noise ordinances and community standards. 

Industrial Noise Sources

At industrial sites, noise can travel everywhere. Whether the noise problems are from a skid-mounted compressor, engine, industrial fan or stationary piece of equipment in a manufacturing facility, Acoustical Control can work with you to achieve the best result for the individual workplace. We can employ the best industrial noise control products to reduce fan or engine noise, or whatever the case may be.

Noise Control Solutions

Acoustical Control can design and install a custom noise control product that provides ventilation, access doors, pipe openings, etc. that perfectly accommodates your industrial site. If your installers or maintenance people want to do the installation, we can work with you to design a custom solution that can be sent directly to you for an in-house setup.

Meet City Codes

Our industrial noise control products, such as noise control walls or full sound enclosures, are adaptable and customizable to ensure that the noise levels at your workplace remain low enough to comply with noise ordinances and community standards.