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Sound Barrier Walls

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We understand that having a quieter site makes you a better neighbor. 

Acoustical Control leads the industry in solutions for noise abatement. Whether your worksite is of construction, oil & gas, or industrial nature, noise abatement will be required at some point. Acoustical Control knows the importance of sound barriers and offers several options to best suit your industry’s work and location.

Permanent Sound Walls

Acoustical Control’s permanent sound walls are effective noise mitigation options designed to last. Because of their permanence, they make excellent highway and railway sound barriers, although they are more commonly used as mitigation for oil and gas compressor facilities and/or booster stations. These noise barriers are proven against all weather conditions and are engineered to the highest standards.

Temporary Sound Walls

Our temporary sound walls are designed for quick and easy installation and removal. They are just as effective as our permanent barriers but are better adapted for shorter-term projects and completely customizable to your worksite. Acoustical Control’s temporary sound walls have a Sound Transmission Class rating ranging from STC-25 to STC-34 and are fully weatherized. Our system utilizes half as many vertical columns as our competitors while maintaining sufficient wind loads. The height of our perimeter wall is dependent on your location and is available in 8’ increments from 8’ to 32’.in height. Fully customizable to suit your site, these sound walls ensure that noise from your operation remains minimally intrusive to the surrounding community. With proper planning, we will ensure each works toward the ultimate goal of maximum noise management.

Stand-Alone Wall Systems (SA Wall)

Heights for stand-alone walls are in 8’ increments from 8’ to 24’ high.  A stand-alone wall system has an easy and quick installation process due to a lack of ground penetration for the vertical support columns.  Each sound panel can be placed quickly, making the stand-alone sound barrier walls a great option when underground utilities prohibit auguring into the ground.  The SA walls are adaptable to any terrain.