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Oil and Gas Noise Control

Oil and gas operations can cause a lot of noise to the surrounding community. Certain levels of noise control measures must be taken in the oil and gas industry to prevent drilling and other work from interfering with neighbors’ day-to-day lives.

Oil and Gas Noise Sources

There are many sources of sound at oil and natural gas sites. Drilling, hydraulic fracturing, or compressor stations are highly-ranked among the causes of high noise levels. Noise mitigation throughout oil and gas operations can mediate the amount and volume of sound within and escaping the worksite.

Oil and Gas Noise Mitigation

With oil and gas operations producing so much noise, any noise control products have to be customized to each worksite to have their maximum effect. Acoustical Control’s noise control systems are entirely customizable to your workplace—offering temporary, permanent, standalone, and more noise mitigation products. The barriers can all be adapted to suit your site’s shape, size, and workload. These barriers offer a fully noise-absorptive outdoor noise barrier system designed for peripheral placement around gas compression and production equipment.

Meet City Codes

By making our noise control products for oil rigs, compressor stations, and other oil & gas industry sites customizable, Acoustical Control can ensure that minimal noise reaches the surrounding communities. We will work with you to adjust the noise level control required to meet or exceed any local standards and ordinances.