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Environmental Noise Control

Environmental noise control is the prevention of noise pollution bleeding into areas it should not. Sources of noise pollution include transportation, industrial, and many more sources. When these sounds reach a high volume, they can exceed general community noise and even cause damage to the hearing of those in the community. Acoustical Control offers noise control solutions to prevent noise pollution and reduce noise levels.

Noise Sources

A familiar noise complaint is that of transportation: highways, airports, railways, etc. The vehicles in these locations produce enough noise to sufficiently damage the ears of anyone nearby or who hear it repeatedly often referred to as noise exposure. Similarly, any industrial, construction or similar work environment can create the need for noise control.

Noise Complaints

When a new highway, airport, or other high-volume workplace is set up, there will likely be those who complain about the noise before there is even noise to complain about. However, if you have a noise control plan in place, you can address these complaints with constituents prior to commencement of any work. 

Noise Reduction

Acoustical Control has many options for environmental noise control. We understand the importance of not only reducing noise pollution but preserving local community noise. By utilizing any of our customizable permanent, temporary or stand-alone noise control solutions, you will be able to reduce environmental noise as much as possible. 

City Codes

Preventing industrial noise is not only important because it is important for the community around your job site; it is also part of local mandates and ordinances. By customizing to your worksite or location and specific needs, our environmental noise control products serve to eliminate as much noise as possible.