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Acoustical Control, LLC

Stand-Alone Wall Systems

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Our stand-alone wall systems are a quick and efficient way to reduce unwanted noise at your site.  These walls come in heights ranging from 8’ to 24’.  They are quickly installed and removed and can be installed on any surface like concrete/asphalt without damage.  No drilling or “One Call” (811) is required.

Stand-Alone Wall Systems Installations

Stand Alone Acoustical Wall
Pier Wall System
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Each Stand-Alone Wall System features:

Easy Install Without Preemptive Tests

Because these wall systems do not require any pier holes drilled for installation, setup is fast and easy. No need for a “One Call” (811). The walls can be moved and placed by a forklift, allowing for a quick arrangement so you can start your work as quickly as possible.

Fully-Customizable in Any Environment

Acoustical Control's wall systems can be arranged to match any rig site. With the ability to stand on any terrain, including concrete, gravel, asphalt, and grass without drilled pier holes, you can still muffle your work noise wherever you are. These walls can also be arranged to suit the size and shape of your worksite by using only as many panels as you need and knowing the panels can reach up to a height of 24'.

Meet City Codes

Acoustical Control provides wall systems that maintain and contain noise from a worksite. With local noise ordinances in place, keeping sound levels managed can be crucial, and the sound absorption available provided on the wall systems help keep the noise at a manageable level for the surrounding community.