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Acoustical Control, LLC

Acoustical Enclosures & Compressor Buildings

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Be a better neighbor with a fully-enclosed sound control solution.

Our custom-built acoustical enclosures are the ideal solution for creating safe work environments by enclosing equipment such as compressors, pumps, motors and other industrial equipment used in plants and manufacturing facilities.

Custom designed to specific ambient and ventilation requirements make our buildings/enclosures suitable for larger operations.  By installing fans and silencers, we have the capability of enclosing your entire system.

In addition, we can retrofit existing structures to mitigate sound issues.

All our enclosures are available on multiple colors and styles.

Acoustical Enclosures & Compressor Buildings

Enclosed Noise Control Building AC Control Room
enclosed noise control building
enclosed compressor building noise control
enclosed acoustical control building
fully enclosed noise control building
noise control enclosed building
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Each Enclosed Building Features:

Quick Assembly and Minimal Downtime

Our acoustical enclosures can be assembled quickly once onsite by bolting the noise control panels together in modular sections. This keeps work downtime to a minimum while still allowing for aural best practices.


Acoustical Control offers a few different options in the panels used to build our acoustical enclosures and compressor buildings. We have noise control solutions that are guaranteed effective. There are pre-engineered acoustical insulated and non-insulated panels to choose from.

Noise Control

On top of the type of panel chosen, we have other methods to ensure your acoustical enclosure or compressor building keeps your location as noise-proof as possible. By engineering the airflow of each building to address the unique needs of the surrounding environment and the equipment itself, Acoustical Control can ensure the equipment stays cool and minimize the sound reaching the surrounding community.

Meet City Codes

All of these features–the custom chosen panels, engineered airflow, and quick setup–work to give you the best structure that will be minimally intrusive to any surrounding community or work environment. Not only that, but the compressor buildings will also keep the sound minimized to a level within the mandates of local ordinances.