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Construction Noise Control

Construction sites are known for high noise levels. Without a clear plan for gaining control of construction noise, there is a danger of hearing loss for those both on the site and within the surrounding community, especially with the transient nature of such worksites. But with clear noise mitigation strategies, the noise levels can be reduced to remain within local requirements.

Noise Sources

It seems obvious that a construction site would generate a great amount of noise. There are a variety of construction equipment, people working the site, and the possibility of each sound amplifying by echoing around the place all joining in an uproar.

Construction Phase

Construction work is continuously changing and ever-moving. With the ever-malleable construction activities, the construction sound level is bound to change as well. Between different phases of the project such as cement pouring, woodwork, welding, roofing, and others, the sound and noise levels will be vast and varied. These levels will likely change day-to-day, week-to-week, and possibly month-to-month, depending on the project. It is essential to prepare for a variety of noise levels associated with various construction activities when choosing construction noise control efforts to meet local noise ordinances..

Construction Noise Mitigation

Acoustical Control offers many customizable options for construction noise control including both temporary and permanent sound barriers that can be placed around the construction site.  Our temporary barriers include a stand-alone wall system option that is easier to move in a changing worksite environment. To find the right barriers to achieve optimal noise control, we will work with you and your work site team to plan for the expected noise levels generated by the various construction equipment and activities on the jobsite.

City Codes

City codes and local noise ordinances will guide us in determining the best construction noise control requirements for your construction site. Sound wall solutions will vary between a low-noise-level site with a less stringent noise ordinance than for a site with a lot of construction noise with a stricter noise ordinance.