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Permanent Sound Walls

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When it comes to permanent sound wall structures for projects, Acoustical Control has the knowledge and experience to successfully resolve your noise issue. Having a quieter site makes you a better neighbor.

We have a wide variety of permanent solutions which will be custom engineered and designed to meet your specific needs.

We have the ability to construct permanent sound walls using:

  • Premanufactured acoustical panels to meet most stringent acoustical requirements.
  • Standard metal building materials.
  • Protocols and engineering to ensure the safest, most effective sound wall possible.

Customization of our permanent sound walls include:

  • Tailored aesthetics including select colors and masonry work.
  • Personnel and service doors for easy access.

Permanent Sound Wall Installations

sound wall
permanent sound wall
permanent sound wall
permanent sound wall
permanent sound wall
permanent sound wall
permanent sound wall
permanent sound wall
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Industry Leading Noise Reduction

Superior sound transmission class rating (STC-34) capable of drastically reducing equipment noise levels

Fully-Customizable & Safety Conscious

Our sound walls are custom designed, engineered, and constructed for safety and effectiveness for your specific project.


Ventilation systems and/or staggered wall systems provide adequate airflow to compressor units applications, while at the same time providing optimum noise control.

Weather Proven

Acoustical Control’s sound barrier walls stand up to southern summers and northern winters in addition to other weather conditions. Fully-winterized.

Noise Absorption

Highly rated noise reduction coefficient (NRC) on the side facing noise source for maximum noise absorption.

Environmentally Friendly

Eco-friendly noise walls provide low environmental impact and help to reduce highway noise, construction noise, and compressor noise pollution.

Meet City Codes

Permanent acoustical walls can often be constructed around compressors to meet local building codes. Our unique designs can even meet code while not fully enclosing the compressor within a building if you desire.