Rig Wall System

Due to the substantial noise and size variations of drilling rigs, Acoustical Control, LLC knows how important sound reduction can be. With current noise ordinances put in place by city, county, and state governments, it is important for our customers to find a solution that will comply with required decibel levels. Our rig wall system can be customized for size variations and structural layout of most drilling rigs.

Our rig wall systems range in height from 8’ to 32’. Our exclusive system uses 50% fewer pier holes being drilled, which results in less risk from drilling, faster install times, and faster removal times. Additionally, our wall is engineered to have a higher wind load than our competitors. With wall materials and crews in multiple locations, we are ready and willing to install a wall wherever you are located.

Look in our gallery to view our rig wall systems and how they have been customized for several projects.